Why LED Neon are Better than Traditional Neon Tubes

The LED Neon provides a flexible, safer and cost-effective lighting solution for decorations, signage, costumes, and other applications.  These lights have better performance benefits compared to traditional Neon tubes that are not only expensive but also operates at higher and dangerous voltages. Tube-based traditional neon lights are fragile fixtures that require complicated installations. In addition, they have high power consumption and maintenance costs.

On the other hand, LED Neon lights require lower energy, are highly efficient, have a long lifespan and ability to provide many colors. These are usually available in both fixed and flexible designs hence offering a wide range of customization opportunities for several indoor and outdoor applications.

LED neon lights, whether fixed or flexible, are popular in making decorations, costumes, wearable gadgets, signage and other attractive types of lights. These can follow a standard or custom design depending on the user. There are also used in swimming pools, shop fronts, garden lighting and to illuminate buildings, especially during festive seasons or promotions.

Other than decorating structures, parties, cars and others, the LED neon lights are used for wearable devices such as Neon LED costume glasses. A typical DJ costume LED Neon glasses have rims that emit blue and green lights. Others have green and pink among other combinations that make them ideal for parties and celebrations.



Construction of LED Neon

LED Neon lights are designed to imitate the traditional NEON tubes. They use materials that provide a linear light. Flexible Neon LED lights comprise SMD bulbs on a flexible circuit board and housed in a transparent PVC tube. These are suitable for complex signage, long linear applications, irregular structures, concave, convex, and curved objects or surfaces.

There is a wide collection of LED neon products. While some are a single color, others utilize RGB multicolor Led bulbs to produce several stunning displays. These can light up at the same time or alternate in programmed patterns. Just like other types of LED lamps, there are various controls such as dimming, flashing and others that are also applicable to some Neon models.

In addition, there are different ways of controlling them; some have remote control options while advanced types can even use Smartphone apps. Other considerations waterproofing for outdoor applications, in which case, the units must be completely sealed.

Benefits of LED neon lights

Low manufacturing, installation and maintenance costs

LED neon is easy to transport and install. Unlike traditional neon lights which are heavy and require strong and expensive infrastructure, LED neon are light and easy to transport, cheaper and less complex to install.


LED Neon lights are environmentally friendly in two ways. First, it does not contain toxic gases or materials that are harmful to the environment. Second, the low power consumption means reduced demand on generating plants and especially the fossil fuel based plants, hence less carbon emissions.

Low voltage and energy

Requires lower voltage and consumes less energy due to its high efficiency.

High energy efficiency

They are more energy saving than the other types of Neon lights.

Safe operations

Since they operate at lower voltages, LED Neon lights are safer to handle and operate. The lower voltage operation reduces the risks of shocks in addition to producing low heat emissions. The traditional Neon lights work at high voltages of about 15,000 volts and can be dangerous if not handled with care.

LED neon lights are more flexible

LED Neon and especially the flexible types are easy to bend and make into any custom shape without requiring heating or special tools.



These are long land lasting and can provide service for several years. Generally, the lights can go for over 50,000 hours

Applications of LED Neon

Their applications are numerous and are perfect for decorating home, business, commercial, festivals, occasions and other private and public activities. They also provide a great solution for garden lighting decorations.

Typical areas of application areas include automotive, architectural outlines, stage lighting, border lighting, signage, antiques, and photography. The LED Neon lights are also suitable for decorating businesses, clothing, groceries, hotels, homes, entertainment areas, parties, weddings etc. A typical application in costumes is the LED Neon glasses.

LED neon glasses lets you glow and shine in parties

These are available in deferent colors and designs to suit a wide range of user preferences. The cool, classy and stylish glasses make you shine in night events and festivals, making you stand out in the cloud.

The portable and fashionable neon LED glasses are suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses without blocking the vision or causing any discomfort. Most of these consist of high-quality PVC and plastic frame and see-through glass lenses.

The LED Neon glasses have different light modes as well as colors. Different parts or the entire assembly may flash, blink or remain still depending on design and user preference. Because of the nature of the glasses, the battery pack and control are usually separate and may use a clip to attach to a belt or other part of the clothing.

Some glasses have options to light according to sound levels and sequence, hence creating an attractive experience in parties and other entertainment spaces.


The LED neon has a design and construction materials that ensure an evenly distributed light similar to that from a traditional tube model. It emits a diffused and continuous light but only uses a fraction of energy traditional tube-based neon uses, hence saving running costs. In addition, it is much cheaper to construct and install.