How to Choose LED Light Bars for Vehicles and Other Applications

The LED light bars comprises of several LED bulbs in a single or multiple rows. They are suitable for a wide range of applications and have low up-front and maintenance costs. These are usually available in different configurations and designs that range from straight bars to multicolor curved led bars.

In particular, the curved LED bar lights continue to become popular, especially as vehicle lighting systems where they offer various benefits compared to traditional units. These are suitable for decorating vehicles such as accentuating the car contours and adding a cool touch. Besides better and stylish looks, curved LED bar lights will physically fit into the car’s shape better than straight models. Their design gives the driver a wider vision during the night.

Other benefits include:

  • Low maintenance costs
  • Durable with a lifespan of about 50,000 hours, hence fewer replacements and lower maintenance costs.
  • A wide range of input voltage
  • Ability to withstand harsh environments and hence suitable for a wide variety of applications and vehicles, including off-road vehicles, fire engines, boats, construction sites, fire fighting, etc.

What should you look for in an LED light bar?

Below are some of the major factors that differentiate LED light bars.

Water resistance

Since most of the LED bar lights are designed for outdoor use, it is important to select models that are resistant to water and liquids. This will usually have a higher IP rating that prevents the ingress of water and other small particles such as dust and others.

Beam pattern and angle

There are different beam patterns and illumination requirements for various applications. For example, spot beams will provide a longer reaching light for on-road driving or similar applications where there is a need to concentrate light on a particular area. If there is need to provide a flood beam that illuminates a wider area such as a work site or when driving off-road, you will require a combo beam model.

Beam pattern and angle
Beam pattern and angle

Size and shape of LED bar light

Whether straight or curved, the size of the LED bar light must allow it to fit in the intended space. The sizes are usually expressed in terms of inches and it is therefore important to match the fixture with the application location.


Light LED bars are usually available in many colors, with common ones being white LED, red white, blue, amber, amber white, and others. The choice will vary according to the application.

LED bar light Brightness

The choice of brightness level depends on the application. Usually, the design, type, number of LED bulbs and supply voltage determines the amount of light it produces. Most of the LED light bars and especially the curved designs are very bright, producing thousands of lumens.

What are the Best LED light bars on the market?

There are different types of LED light bars, ranging from rigid straight to rigid curved with different sizes, output, and input power requirements. The choice of the best LED light bar will, therefore, depend on the application and desired impact. With so many models and designs in the market, consumers may encounter challenges deciding on what will work best and serve their purpose.

To assist you to make the right decisions, we have, below, some of the best LED bar lights on the market.

Mictuning 32″ 180W 3B239C Curved LED Light Bar

Mictuning 32" 180W 3B239C Curved LED Light Bar
Mictuning 32″ 180W 3B239C Curved LED Light Bar

The Mictuning 32″ 180W 3B239C curved LED light bar is a curved LED light bar suitable for providing good light for off-road driving and similar applications. The LED light bar produces a 6000k crystal white light that provides super clear vision over a wide area and long distance.

This model has a beam pattern that emits a perfect flood/spot combo beam. This allows it to cover a long distance and wide area. It is suitable for off-road, 4X 4 vehicles such as jeeps, ATV, UTV, USV, Razor, Polaris and more.

The design allows the light to offer excellent performance, with less heat dissipation. In addition, it is IP67 rated hence water and dust proof. The long-lasting light is also rust and corrosion-resistant.

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TorchStar LED Light Bar 2PCS 18W 1800lm

This is an 1800 lumen 2 rows LED light bar for offload spot lighting and suitable for SUVs, ATV, Boats, Tractors and more.

It uses high intensity LED bulbs to provide the 1800 lumens, 6000K daylight. The Torchstar is ideal for providing bright flood light for a wide range of applications. It has a ghost-free, glare-free even light distribution.

The bar light is contained in a sealed die-cast aluminium housing with vertical fins to provide passive heat dissipation. In addition, a toughened glass lens, the shatterproof and quakeproof design allows it to withstand tough environments.

This is an IP 68 dustproof and waterproof construction that can withstand extremely wet and dusty environments.

Nilight 12 Inch 72W LED Light Bar

The Nilight produces a soft super bright beam with a long illumination distance. The flood beam lights up a wider area. As such the combo beam provides a great visual effect even during nights with fog.

The bar light has a die-cast aluminum alloy for proper heat dissipation and cooling. In addition, it has an adjustable mounting bracket that helps in fitting the light and positioning it to provide the best illumination.

The long-lasting light bar has water and dustproof IP 67 rated construction that makes it withstand harsh operating conditions

It employs 24 3Watt high-intensity LED bulbs to provide a total of 72 W output. The lamp can run on a voltage source of between 9 and 30 volts DC, hence compatible with both 12 v and 24 V vehicles.

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It has a working temperature range of -40 to +85 degrees Celsius and is also anti-corrosive. Further, it produces a pure white light between 6000K-6500K color temperatures.

These are suitable for off-road lighting, outdoor lighting, construction lighting, rescue lighting, tractors, fire engines, mining lighting, garage lighting and backup lighting. Other applications include jeeps, cranes, ATV, UTV, trucks, SUV, forklift, trailers, trains boats etc.

Other top Led light bars

Eyourlife 12V 72W Led Light Bar

72W Led Light Bar, Eyourlife 12V Led Light Bar Cree Led Light 72W 12 Inch LED Work Light Spot Flood Combo Beam Daytime Driving Lights Fog Lights ATV UTV SUV Marine Boat Jeep Lighting RV Accessories

EasyNew 32″ Inch 180W Curved LED Work Light Bar

EasyNew® 32″ Inch 180W 10-30V Curved LED Work Light Bar IP68 Waterproof Flood Spot Combo Beam for Offroad SUV UTE ATV Truck with 2PCS 18W LED work lights and Wiring Harness and Mounts

Primeprolight 120W Curved Combo Beam LED Light Bar

Primeprolight Curved 120w 24″ Inch Led Light Bar Spot and Flood Combo Beam Waterproof Work Off Road Lamp Bar

Senlips 43″ 240W Curved Light Bar.

Led Light Bar, Senlips 43″ 240W Curved Light Bar Off-road Light Bar Flood Spot Combo Beam IP 67 Waterproof for Off-road Vehicle, ATV, SUV, UTV, 4WD, Jeep, Boat- Black (43″)