Best LED Grow Lights for succulents

LED grow lights for succulents indoor plants

The LED grow lights for succulents are a great way of supplementing the natural light in the offices or homes, and ensure proper growth of the plants.  The LED lamps have numerous advantages such as high energy efficiency, adjustable wavelength, durability and small physical size.

Since the plants make very good indoor plants, they are mostly used in the homes and offices. However, the designs of the rooms may prevent the reach of good natural light inside the spaces. To overcome these challenges, people can use artificial lights such as the LED grow lights for succulents to bridge the gap and provide the necessary light for the plants. This enables them to make their homes and offices beautiful by adding the plants in their favorite positions regardless of the natural daylight reaching there.

Light requirements for succulents

Succulents are generally outdoor plants that thrive well in harsh environments such as the desert where there is plenty of sunlight. However, there are different varieties, some of which can survive in low light conditions.  The low-maintenance plants usually grow in a variety of colors and shapes.  This allows people to create beautiful and appealing combinations in their homes and offices.

The plants can be placed anywhere in the room, provided there is enough natural or artificial light. Ideally, the succulents require at least four hours of sunlight but an optimum of about six hours per day.

Adequate light enhances the health, color, and shape of the succulents and tries do not grow very tall. However, insufficient light causes the colors to fade and the plants to grow tall and flimsy as the leaves try to search and reach the light.

Lack of insufficient light could be due to the placement of the windows, direction, and their sizes. In addition, the seasons will also determine the amount of light that gets onto the lights. Some houses may have windows facing dark alleys or where the tenants want to put blinds due to privacy issues.

In seasons such as winter, the indoor light may not be enough for the succulents to thrive. This necessiates the need for artificial light to supplement the natural daylight.

Although there are other bulbs such as the fluorescent and HPS, the LED lights are more favorable for a variety of reasons. For offices or houses with inadequate light, the LED grow lights for succulents provides the best cost-effective option that not only saves running costs but is also eco-friendly hence causes little damage to the environment.

Which LED lights should you consider for growing succulents?

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Effects of insufficient light to the succulents

Generally, succulents require a lot of sunlight to grow and remain healthy. In cases where they cannot get sufficient amount of light, the plants often suffer from a number of ailments since this reduces their immune systems.

Some types can, however, survive in lower light environments, but it is important to still supply the right amount which is usually about a minimum of 4 hours per day.

The lack of enough light causes the succulent’s stem to stretch abnormally or form unusual angles. Sometimes, the leaves become smaller and have lighter colors while others fall out and fail to create the nice and compact rosettes.

Sources of artificial light for succulents

The artificial lights come into play in an environment where the sunshine cannot reach. With a wide choice of lamp designs and characteristics, the users can select what fits the environment and budget.  Since succulents require lots of light, an ideal source should be of low wattage with a high lumen output and color temperature of about 6000 Kevin – which is closest to sunlight. Typical fixtures include the fluorescent, HID, MH, and LED grow lights.

LED grow lights for succulents - full spectrum
LED grow lights for succulents – full spectrum

Of all the available options, the LED grow lights for succulents provide the best solution. These are energy efficient, cheaper to run and cool operation. They also have other benefits due to their long-lasting, and ability to withstand a number of harsh conditions.

Benefits of LED grow lights for succulents

The LED grow lights for succulents helps in providing light in rooms without sufficient illumination. Or in supplementing the daylight during the months or times when there it is insufficient.

Generally, the LED grow lights for succulents have the advantage such as long lifespan, hence fewer replacements. They also have high power efficiency which translates to lower energy costs.

Below are the main factors that favor LED grow light for succulents over other types of lamps.

LEDs have low heat output

LEDs do not produce a lot of heat and will therefore not require cooling. In addition, the cool operation makes them more durable since the components do not deteriorate from the heat. Further, the LED lights do not stress the plants nor require expensive cooling equipment and space.

Other than these, it allows the placing of the lights very close to the plants, and hence better light intensity and coverage. Also, the low heat does not cause evaporation hence no extra water is required to compensate any losses as is the case with lights that release a lot of heat.

No electronic noise and interference

The lights do not introduce electronic noise in the power supply line and equipment in the room or office. This is because the LED grow lights for succulents and other plants do not use the ballasts.

Automatic control capabilities

Can be integrated with sensors and automatic controls to detect the amount of light required and adjust accordingly. For example, the daylight sensors can determine the extra light the plants require and command the LED grow light to dim to this level.

Different form factors

The LED grow lights for succulents are available in different form factors to suit a wide range of environments. Typical designs include fixtures, bars, panels, and strips. Each of these may differ in cost, amount of power it consumes, the intensity of light it produces, coverage area, and space it requires. This gives the consumers a wide selection and ability to properly match the lights with their room or office design and available space.

The compact design

LED bulbs are small and compact, and not as cumbersome as the other lamp such as the HID which requires reflectors, ducting and cooling fans. As such, they take less space and can be tailored to fit a wide variety of locations. The small size will also free up the space to plant more plants and also allow for natural ventilation, better work area, and visibility.

Ability to produce the specific light spectrum

The LED grow lights for succulents provides the exact wavelength that ensures the optimum growth of the plants. These do not produce unnecessary wavelengths that would usually go into waste and increase energy consumption and cost as do the other types of lights.

Comparing LED grow lights for succulents wavelengths with others

Safer environment due to cool running temperatures

The LED bulbs do not release a lot of heat and are usually just warm to the touch. This reduces the risk of burns when working on the plants. In addition, the low heat dissipation removed the need for a cooling system since the plants remain almost at the same room temperature. This helps in saving energy and money.

Best practices when using the LED grow lights for succulents

The succulents have the ability to thrive outdoors or as houseplants in homes and offices. However, the indoor plants require a few lighting basics to survive and grow healthy. These include but not limited to

  • Correct placement of the LED light fixture. The distance between the fixture and the succulents is critical in ensuring that they get the optimum light.
  • Have enough light to adequately cover the plants.
  • Ensure that the temperature is within the recommended limits to prevent damage to the plants or cause evaporation that will increase the need for frequent watering.


The LED grow lights for succulents are not only energy-efficient but also ensure more healthy and colorful plants while providing significant savings on air cooling costs. Compared to other artificial grow lights, the LEDs have several advantages that make them the best alternative to the natural lights.

The main advantages include but not limited to energy savings, low running costs, fewer replacements, eco-friendly and many more economical and environmental benefits.