CoeLux – changing the way we think about lighting.

One of the innovators in the LED lighting space that I’ve really taken a liking to is CoeLux. They’ve literally taken the energy and lighting from the sun and harnessed it into a panel that gives the illusion that you are looking into the sun and the sky.

Anybody that looks upon the CoeLux panel stared at it in awe. It is a panel that is built from LED technology, but the design is ingenious due to the way it mimics the lighting grade of the sun as well as the movement of the sun.

How is CoeLux changing the industry?

Interior designers are excited about the impact that the CoeLux technology will have in several industries. Because the technology exposes closed spaces to artificial sunlight, this can change the way people traditionally think about design.

For example, buildings can be built underground and still expose people to sunlight. Additionally, hospital patients and health clinics can gain access to sunlight despite their location away from any windows.

You can see a complete demonstration of the technology in the video below.


How much are the CoeLux panels?

These aren’t cheap. They are currently retailing for around £40,000 per panel, with the installation fee being around £7,000.  Costs are expected to decrease over time. For now, the panels will mainly appeal to managers of luxury businesses or health-oriented businesses.

It is definitely the way of the future.

If you would like to learn more about CoeLux, you can find out more about their products via the link below.


You can also learn more about the CoeLux creators by visiting the link below.