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Why LED Neon are Better than Traditional Neon Tubes

The LED Neon provides a flexible, safer and cost-effective lighting solution for decorations, signage, costumes, and other applications. ┬áThese lights have better performance benefits compared to traditional Neon tubes that are not only expensive but also operates at higher and dangerous voltages. Tube-based traditional neon lights are fragile fixtures that require complicated installations. In addition, …

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Best Purple LED Lights for Decorations

Purple LED lights are great for adding color and decorations to a wide variety of applications and occasions. Generally, purple is a combination of red and blue lights. This gives it the energy and stability the two lights offer respectively. The color which symbolizes luxury, power, ambition, and nobleness is associated with royalty, independence, dignity, …

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Light up LED shoes

LED light up shoe

  LED lights are making an impact in many areas of life, and one of those areas where it is increasing in popularity is fashion. If you want to make a bold fashion statement, then you can’t look past the rising popularity of LED shoe lights. Since the Adidas and Kanye West collaboration on Yeezy …

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