Best Purple LED Lights for Decorations

Purple LED lights are great for adding color and decorations to a wide variety of applications and occasions. Generally, purple is a combination of red and blue lights. This gives it the energy and stability the two lights offer respectively. The color which symbolizes luxury, power, ambition, and nobleness is associated with royalty, independence, dignity, creativity, and other positive attributes.

Using the LED bulbs offers many benefits, including instant-on, flicker free light, long life, high energy efficiency, and ability to withstand shocks and vibrations.

Benefits of purple LED lights

The purple light allows you to build a nice mood in the room or for the occasion. It is suitable for decorations, festive seasons and to some extent for therapy. Besides the great color, the purple lamps have the usual benefits of LED lights. They are energy efficient, long-lasting, robust, environmentally friendly, and easy to work with and flicker free.

Purple LED lights for different occasions

Purple LED lights are available in several designs to cater for a wide variety of applications. In addition, their power requirements vary according to the application. Some lights use the AC mains while others rely on low voltage and work on batteries which can either be charged using AC mains or solar energy. The solar LED lights are highly portable and suitable for outdoor applications.

Best purple LED lights

Below is a list of the best purple LED lights for decorations

ITART Purple LED light – Dimmable, remote and battery operated

This is a string or rope LED light suitable for bedrooms, weddings and other indoor and outdoor applications. It creates a beautiful and romantic scene and is ideal for decorating homes, for holiday makeovers as well as for business promotions.

In addition, it is great decorations during Christmas, parties, and other special occasions. Their flexibility allows them to take almost any shape. This allows you to wrap the light ropes around trees, hang them from branches. You can also put them inside containers that are either clear or provides a complimenting color to create a special feel and atmosphere for the occasion or home.

Other applications include the front porch where homeowners can create the unique touch for any occasion.

This particular type has a multi-purpose remote control that can flip through eight different modes or change the light to about 10 brightness levels. In addition, the ITART purple LED lights ropes are waterproof, bendable, and ultra-thin for inserting in small places such as under cabinets. The ITART has a waterproof construction, including its adapter and is therefore completely submersible. However, models with non-waterproof batteries or adapter external should not be put in water.

This purple LED light has a built-in timer which is an optional feature which must be selected if required. For example, selecting the lit mode allows the rope to provide light for six hours and automatically turn off after this time. It then remains off for 18 hours and then turns on again as long as the off mode is not selected.

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 Philips A19 purple LED light bulb

The Phillips LED bulbs provide a true purple color suitable for a wide range of decorations. It is an energy saving bulb that consumes a little amount of electricity of only 8 watts while providing a good level of brightness equivalent to a traditional 60 Watt lamps.

In addition, the Philips A19 Led purple light fits in the standard medium base fixtures (E26),    has a shatter free plastic and is highly durable. Its light does not flicker or degrade, and the bulb does not contain any hazardous emissions or materials.

It is therefore environmentally friendly because it does not demand a lot of electricity from generating plants, and does not emit heat and toxic gases or materials into the environment. And because it is long lasting, it can serve you for over 10 years without requiring a replacement.

Qedertek 200 LED purple light

This is 72ft, 200 brights LED light strand with a built-in 1800mA battery. It is a waterproof hence suitable for indoor and outdoor applications in all weather. The IP 65 rated string light can even withstand heavy rains as well as snow and is suitable for decorating applications such as Christmas festivities, weddings, parties and other occasions. In addition, you can also use most portable applications since it has its own power and can as well be charged using solar energy.

The Qedertek is easy to setup and operates purple LED light that comes with a solar panel mounted on a garden stand. It also has two sets of switches; the mode selection and the On/Off switches. If installed outdoors, it does not require any external power connections since it can just use the solar panels to charge its built-in battery.

These are suitable for adding a charming and warm atmosphere to a home, lawn, yard, patio, gate, etc.

Icicle Solar purple LED string Lights 30 LED, 20ft

This is s 30 LED, 20 ft. purple LED light string suitable for indoor and outdoor decorations. Typical applications for the waterproof, solar LED light include Christmas, patio, and garden, lawn, and Halloween decorations.

It provides a lively and appealing decoration for family and friends. It does not rely on grid electricity and instead uses solar energy to charge its internal battery. As such, it is almost free to operate since it does not consume electricity from the national or private electrical systems. By using the renewable energy it means that is environmentally friendly, in addition to its non-toxicity nature. Further, it does not emit a lot of heat into its surrounding.  The low voltage ensures safe operation and fewer risks of electrical shocks or fires.

This is durable and long lasting light with a hard plastic that withstands harsh outdoor environments. It is easy to install and control using its turn on and off switches, or change between steady and flashing modes.

The Icicle solar purple LED light is suitable for home, Christmas and Halloween decorations, garden, lawn, tree house, patio, shops, walkways etc.

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Alarmpore 3528 SMD purple LED light

The Alarmpore 3528 SMD purple LED light is a 600LED flexible trip. The waterproof fixture is a 12V power lamp consisting of super bright LED bulbs. It has an IP 65 rated housing that prevents any ingress of dust as well as water. This makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments in all weathers.

The Alarmpore design if very flexible and allows a user to detach a set of three LEDs, usually at marked intervals and points without damaging or affecting the performance of remaining lamps.

In addition, it is easy to install, using a double adhesive tape. The maintenance-free, high-reliability lamp produces a high-intensity light at low temperatures to create a stunning environment for parties, events, a gallery and similar occasions or applications.


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