Light up LED shoes

LED light up shoe


LED lights are making an impact in many areas of life, and one of those areas where it is increasing in popularity is fashion. If you want to make a bold fashion statement, then you can’t look past the rising popularity of LED shoe lights. Since the Adidas and Kanye West collaboration on Yeezy LED light up shoes, the demand for light up LED shoes has grown into a multimillion-dollar market.

Here’s what you can learn about LED light up shoes.

There aren’t many brands that are offering LED light up shoes.

You can easily find LED light up shoes that have been modified from some of the most well-known shoe brands. You can find LED light up shoe options from:


S lights - Hypno flash LED light-up shoes
S lights – Hypno flash LED light-up shoes

Skechers led light up shoes are available and have a good reputation in the marketplace. They appear to really be the only major shoe manufacturer that will create and sell light up LED shoes, however the shoes are mainly created for children. Prices for the shoes start from $37. (Skechers LED shoes for kids)

Evolved footwear

LED light-up shoes - Air Max 97
LED light-up shoes – Air Max 97

This company actually customises shoes to have LED lights fitted into the shoe. Although they aren’t directly affiliated with any shoe company directly, they do offer customisations based on their own design or customise the shoe to the customer’s preference. You can see more on their range here.

Bright LED shoes

American Flag LED light up shoes from Bright LED Shoes
American Flag LED light up shoes from Bright LED Shoes

Based out in New York, the company sells customised LED light up shoes and stands by it’s 30-day money-back guarantee. They provide light up shoes for kids and adults. You can click here to view their range of LED light up shoes.


Mini kids Super Nova light-up shoe
Mini kids Super Nova light-up shoe

Another light up shoe modifier based out of New York, they supply customised light up shoes mainly for kids, teens and young adults. You can see their full collection of light up shoes here.

Can you get Adidas Yeezy LED light up shoes?

It doesn’t appear as though you can purchase light up LED shoes from the Yeezy brand. You would need to order the official shoe from the Adidas website and the configure a customised version. The brand from Kanye West is due to launch again soon. They are released in limited supply. The price tag for these shoes are much higher than what the other competitors offer. You can get on the waitlist via the Adidas website here.

Beware of fake LED shoe light suppliers. 

Since the rise in popularity of these shoes, resellers and counterfeit manufacturers have seized the opportunity to sell inferior products. Err on the side of caution when looking at LED lighting shoe suppliers on Amazon and eBay. Despite their cheaper prices, there’s the risk that the product could easily be damaged or have a short-term lifespan.

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