5 Best LED Shop Lights in the Market

LED shop lights are specifically designed to illuminate a wide range of commercial spaces. These are ideal for commercial applications such as workshops, garages utility rooms, factories, and other spaces requiring higher illumination levels.

There is a wide choice of LED shop lights that sometimes differ in the method of control as well as mounting. Usually, the most common types have plugged power cords, and either have an on/off switch or a pull chain attached to the switch.

Suspension Hyperikon LED shop light with chain switch
Suspension Hyperikon LED shop light with pull chain switch

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Since most of the shop LED lights are plug n play, they do not require hardwiring and can connect to most of the standard sockets.

Some lamps have integrated high-performance LEDs and a wide choice of color temperatures and brightness. The use of integrated LED bulbs has several benefits over those that have standard LED bulbs.

Further, most LED shop lights have tube designs that allow them to produce adequate lighting for big space. Generally, LED lights offer a wide range of benefits compared to conventional lights such as HPS, Halogen, Florescent, and others.

Benefits of LED shop lights

  • The LED shop lamps emit much better light that does not flicker to produce the green hue such as the equivalent fluorescent tube light. It emits a cool white light while consuming less electricity and emitting only a small amount of heat which does not even require any cooling.
  • LED lights usually turn on instantly including when the weather is cold, hence no waiting time and or putting workers at risk because of inadequate lighting.
  • Lights are easy to dispose because they do not contain toxic chemicals or gases.
  • Some do not require ballast and can be hard wired or plug into standard sockets or electrical outlets.
  • Long lasting an have low maintenance or replacement costs
  • Rugged and able to withstand harsh environments in the industrial, workshop and garage environments. The LED lights can withstand vibrations and shocks, much better than the alternative traditional bulbs.

Five Best types of LED shop lights

Shop LED lights can take many forms and can be panels, tubes, linear and other custom fixtures to provide the perfect illumination for a wide variety of commercial spaces. The choice of the best model to meet unique requirements depends on various factors.

To meet illumination requirements for various applications, there are lights for general and others for demanding environments. For example, there are vapor-proof fixtures for environments where there is the presence of vapors such as paint booths, industrial kitchens, gas stations, car wash, food processing factories and more.

With so many models and options in the market, it can be difficult knowing what will work best. To help you narrow down on the best choice, we have below, the 5 best shop LED lights.

Sunco 4ft, 40W LED shop light

Sunco is a high standard, energy star LED shop light that comes with a 5-year warranty. The four feet, 40 Watts light produces 4000 Lumens of light and is equivalent to a 120 W traditional lamp. It has double integrated LED bulbs which provide better quality light and a longer lasting.

Due to its excellent performance, it is suitable for demanding applications such as workshops, garages. Built with high-quality materials, the energy saving, efficient Sunco lamps last for at least 50,000 hours. Besides these, they are instant on, do not flicker, is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

It is available in either suspension or surface mounting design which is also plugged n play, hence does not require hand-wiring. In addition, they have a feature for linking other lamps through daisy chaining, thus flexible and easily scalable. The lamp does not use a ballast hence no humming sound.

If you are looking for an affordable and high-quality shop light, the Sunco 40 W LED shop light is the ideal choice. This is suitable for storefronts, garages, utility rooms, workshops, sheds, barns, patios, porches and other spaces with similar light requirements.

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Luceco 3600 LED shop light 36W

This is an energy efficient, which produces a cool white light at a colour temperature of 4000k. It is available in either suspension or surface mount design. It is an instant on light that comes with a switch on the power cord.

The budget LED shop light combines a blend of sturdy glass and thermoplastic materials that make it shatterproof. The lamps do not have housings and are therefore much lighter and easier to install.

This is a budget plug n play lamp, 36 W lamps that last for at least 40, 000 hours and has a 5-year warranty.

However, the bulbs do not have physical protection because there is no housing and cannot be linked together. As such, each requires its own power supply. Despite this, the low cost and good performance outweigh the two drawbacks.

Hyperikon 4ft, 38W LED shop light

The Hyperikon is a high quality, double-fixture LED shop light that is energy efficient and suitable for lighting close task and large areas such as workshops, garages, storage rooms, industrial workstations, and more.

The super bright LED shop light has a 4000-Kelvin colour temperature. It has a 4000 lumens brightness level and provides one of the best illuminations.

The long-lasting lamp comes with a 5-year warranty, proof that the manufacturer is confident of the lamp quality. It is pluggable, easy to install Led light with a pull chain and can be daisy chained to illuminate a larger area.

The Hyperikon LED shop light has a rugged steel housing which makes it long lasting and durable. Its commercial and industrial design makes it suitable for workshops, garages, work areas, basements, recreation facilities, utility room and more.

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Light of America 4 feet, 40 W LED Shop light

This is a 4500 lumen, plug n play fixture with a pull On/Off switch. The energy saving LED shop light produces a 4200 lumen light output and has a long lifespan of about 50,000 hours. It uses an electronic driver hence no humming, is non-toxic, and reaches its full brightness instantly.

The Light of America 4 feet, 40 W LED Shop light is made of aluminum housing and is suitable for suspension. It comes with the suspension hardware or chain for easy installation, as well as a 5 ft. plug in cord.

In addition, it has a five-year warranty and is suitable for applications such as in garages, game rooms, utility rooms, basements, workshops, and more.

FrenchMay Linkable 4ft, 40W LED Shop Light

This is a high brightness 4800 lumens LED shop light with great efficacy. The 40 Watts, energy saving lamp produces an almost natural white light of 5000k temperature which is ideal for general and task lighting. It is a long-lasting lamp comes with a 5-year warranty and also more durable due to the robust construction using thermoplastic, aluminum and an impact resistant lens. Consequently, it is a lightweight fixture which is usually available for suspension or surface mounting and supplied with an easy to install hardware kit.

The ETL certified, plug n play LED shop light has a pull cord switch and runs on an input voltage of between 120 and 240V AC.  It has an instant on behavior and provides a stable light with no flicker over a wide range of operating temperatures eve as low as -4℉.

The Linkable 4ft, 40W LED Shop Light is suitable for workshops, garages, basements, utility rooms, storage rooms, equipment rooms, auto shops, industrial workstations and other areas requiring general and task lighting.

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List of the top 5 LED shop lights in the market

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  5. Luceco 3600 LED shop light 36W     Luceco LED shop lights and accessories.