Applications and Benefits of commercial LED lights

Commercial LED lights

Commercial LED lights have numerous performance, environmental and financial benefits beyond the general energy savings and long life. Studies show that the proper selection of LED lighting improves the comfort of an environment or space. In workplaces, this can boost the employees’ productivity, reduce accidents and improve customer service.

The better light output is ideal for a number of commercial environments. This includes manufacturing, assembling, warehousing, shopping complexes, restaurants, entertainment, schools, offices and more.

In the factories, it is essential to provide light that is natural as possible. Such an illumination enables the workers to accurately see the components, and products, hence identify any defects or quality issues.

For a restaurant space, a comfortable and relaxing light will make the customers enjoy their meals and stay. This increases the time and money the customers spend in the restaurant or a shopping mall.

In a retail or shopping space, the appropriate commercial LED light will provide enough illumination. This enables the customers to clearly see the products they are purchasing. With poor lighting, the customers’ comfort and activity may be limited.

Commercial LED Lights for different industries

There is a wide range of commercial LED light designs to cater for the different lighting requirements. Each of these has an output to match the environment and application. For instance, there are ideal or specific lights for offices, restaurants, airports, street lighting, manufacturing, assembly, and more. In addition, there are those that are ideal for security, automotive headlights, parking spaces, and others for use as grow lights for indoor farming.

The choice of the commercial LED light depends on the application. Consequently, the lighting for a warehouse or a manufacturing setup will definitely be different from that of a restaurant.  In the commercial setups, it is common to find the LED strip lights enhancing the products displays or stairways, LED downlights in large rooms, LED shop lights in retail spaces, LED grow lights in the greenhouses or indoor farming facilities, etc.

Commercial LED lights for the automotive industry

The commercial LED lights are widely used in the automotive industry. Most of these are battery powered LED lights and includes, LED headlights, LED lights for trucks, LED tail lights, LED brake lights.

Others include the parking LED lights, street LED lights, and others.

Advantages of commercial LED lights

Besides the general advantages of energy saving, efficiency, wide range of colors, low maintenance costs, environmentally friendly and less heat dissipation, the commercial LED lights offer a number of industry-specific benefits.

Improves productivity, the quality checks, and safety

The LED lights in the industry provide better light that enables the workers to perform more accurately and quickly while making fewer mistakes. This will ultimately increase the production and lower the operational costs.

Commercial LED lights provide improved lighting that increases the visibility and quality of light in sensitive areas. Having the right amount of light reduces errors in the assembly and manufacturing processes. It enables the employees to clearly see if there are missing parts, wrong components and other manufacturing issues.

The lamps have less shadowing and therefore provides the ideal light to highlight and spot defects and quality issues on components. In addition, the LED lighting improves color control issues by enhancing the color recognition.

LED lights usually maintain their brightness over a longer period, compared to the conventional lights. Conventional lights such as the HIDs reduce their light output levels with time. This can become a safety hazard in the workplace when the workers cannot see properly. In addition, the proper light keeps the employees alert, hence reducing accidents and mistakes.

Instant on, rugged and less heat dissipation

The general and commercial LED lights have extended life and better savings in applications that require frequent powering on and off. These include spaces where there are occupancy sensors that control the lights depending on the presence or activity in the room. In addition, the instant-on reduces the time workers have to wait until the lights reach their full brightness hence increasing the productivity.

Further, the commercial LED lights, just like the residential LED lights, are cooler when in operation. As such, there is less need to use the air conditioner to remove the excess heat.

The rugged LED light bulbs are ideal for harsh industrial applications since they can withstand vibrations without degrading or damage.

Since the performance of LED lights does not decrease due to frequent or quick switch on and off, they are ideal in installations that utilize dimming or automatic controls.

No shadow and glare

One of the main advantages of the LED lights is that they do not produce shadows, hence making them suitable for the shopping spaces, warehouses and manufacturing industries. In addition, they do not have a glare that would inconvenience the shoppers or workers and lead to accidents.

No flickering

First, the LEDs do not flicker like the conventional lights, hence reducing the health issues such as eye strain, fatigue, and accidents. This by extension reduces the money a company would have spent in compensations.

Operation in cold temperatures

Unlike the other types of lamps such as the fluorescent, the LED lamp’s operation does not degrade at low temperatures. In fact, the performance of the LED lights increases as the temperatures drop. This makes them suitable for cold storage facilities, freezers, and outdoor applications such as signage, security, parking lots and more.

Better control

Although automatic light controls work with almost any type of light, it is more easy and smooth with the LEDs compared to the others. This makes the control of the commercial LED lights a lot easier, hence giving the consumers the ability to automatically adjust the light levels achieve more savings.

Improved Safety

By providing high-quality light, the commercial LEDs provides adequate illumination that helps the employees to see properly and avoid safety hazards such as an object that can make them   trip over. In addition, the commercial LED lights provides very good and clear emergency exit signs. They are not only bright, but also have a long lifespan hence less risk of failing.

Traditionally the LED lights have been widely used in the advertising, security and safety industry. Today, the LED lamps are common in alarm systems, signage, advertising, exit stairways and other critical areas that require light during an emergency.

Due to their low power requirements, the LED lights for these applications are sometimes equipped with batteries. This allows them to continue working even after a power disruption.

Workers can personalize their lighting

Since there are many types of LEDs and customization options, a worker can choose the best light level that works best for a certain task. Allowing employees to control the light for their workstations, increases their overall well-being and productivity.


In addition to the energy savings, instant on, long lasting and less heat dissipation, commercial LED lights offers several industry-specific benefits over conventional lights.

Upgrading or installing the appropriate commercial LED lights allows the businesses to benefit and pass the benefit of better lighting to the employees and customers. This, in addition to reducing electricity bills, increases the comfort, productivity, and revenues. In addition, it reduces the fatigue, eye strain and safety hazards and workplace accidents.

Lastly, the commercial LED lights have the ability to withstand harsh conditions better than the conventional lights without degrading performance.